The B**ch at the PreSchool

September 29, 2014

So, this happened. My dad and I drove my 4 year old daughter to preschool last week. The way the program works, We pay extra if we drop her off too early or pick her up too late. So, if traffic is particularly good or if we leave earlier than normal, sometimes we arrive before the drop off time. On these rare occasions, we sit in the parking lot and listen to whatever audio book the kids are into, or sing the Frozen soundtrack another time.

So it happened that when my dad and I took TJ to school, we arrived early. So, TJ was in her seat reading a book and my dad and I were in the front seats talking. A “woman” pulls into the space next to us, drags her child out of the car, and takes the child inside. When she comes back to her truck, she looks in through the drivers side window, pulls a sort of disgusted face and says, “You know, you two guys look pretty creepy just sitting in a car outside of a daycare.” Then she put her sunglasses back on, jumped back into her truck and tore a$$ out of the parking lot.

We just kinda sat there in stunned silence.