Hacker Public Radio Episode – What’s in my Bag? – GDS Special Edition

July 2, 2015

Howdy podcast people! This is Matt, the stay at home G33k Dad in Northern California. You’ve found the G33kDadShow! and this is a special edition: What’s in my bag?

Well, hello all of you out there and welcome to the G33kDadShow! I am bringing you a special edition of the podcast today. You will be hearing my latest recording for Hacker Public Radio; an episode entitled, “What’s in my bag?”. Doing a What’s in my Bag episode is something of a right of passage on HPR. Often one of the first couple of podcasts a new host records for HPR is a WIMB episode. This is my 4th offering on HPR and I hope you enjoy it. Incidentally, the show dropped yesterday on HPR. So, if you subscribe to HPR, you will already have this episode in your feed.

Thanks for listening and now, here is my HPR episode in its entirety.

Bye, bye!

A first tonight!

I am recording my first guest appearance on another podcast tonight! I’m excited and a bit nervous. I will be speaking with John Wilkerson of The Wired Homeschool podcast and we will be talking about open source alternatives for homeschoolers. This is going to be a great opportunity to get some visibility for my show, as well as passing on my passions for open source software to a new audience.

Check John out at http://thewiredhomeschool.com or follow him on twitter @wiredhs!