Hello and welcome to g33kdad.thestrangeland.net!

I have been a stay at home Dad for over 4 years now. I have 3 kids, 2 of whom live with me full-time. I have been a technology enthusiast for most of my life and my particular passions are free/open source software, podcasts, new media, etc.

I host a podcast with new episodes whenever I canĀ on technology and parenting. If I have the opportunity to attend events that I think will interest readers/listeners, I will attempt to live blog those as much as possible. Click the “Live Blog” link in the sidebar.

Disclaimer: All opinions offered in my podcast or on my blog are my own. I do not have sponsors (except my awesome wife) or advertisers. Unless otherwise stated, any product I mention or review will be one I have bought with my own money and used myself. I do not claim to represent anybody but myself.

If you want to connect with me on social media, check out http://google.com/+MattMcGraw or http://about.me/matthew.mcgraw!

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Grace and Peace,
Matt aka g33kdad
@sahg33kdad ~ twitter

November 11, 2015